Saturday Silks x Petite Paloma: A Feminine Texas Collab Inspired by Wildflowers

Petite Paloma and I are so excited to share the launch of our Ladybird Scarf with you today! It's been an absolute dream to collaborate on this design- it has a certain feminine flair that we know you will love! 🌸🕊️

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In this scarf you will find four unique boot styles that were each designed by Kelsey and hand made in Leon, Mexico. They create such a beautiful pastel color palette for the rest of the scarf! Surrounding these boots are bouquets of pastel colored wildflowers- bluebonnets, indian paintbrushes, black eyed susans- with of course yellow Texas roses. In Texas, wildflowers are often synonymous with Ladybird Johnson thanks to her efforts to spread them across Hill Country highways in the 80s. The sprinkled landscape has always been my favorite feature of Texas, hence the scarf name!

Some other elements you may spy are confident cowgirl with a scarf of her own around her neck, monarch butterflies, and even the same dove (or "paloma") that you will find hidden in Petite Paloma packaging.

We can't wait for you to wear it this summer! Available for sale on our site or at